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Sketchies by the water

Home studio space

Elegant Part, IX: Mechanics of Change

Inspired by the common chameleon.

The Elegant Parts Series

Elegant Parts VIII and IX

3 Eggplants, 1 Berd

hi debbie. really like your elegant parts drawings. great idea!

Asked by ianc2674

Thanks! Gonna be putting them together into a little book soon :)

The daily toil

Character stuff!

Drew some cave props for this Caveman animation collab on hitRECord: "Caveman" Cold Open

There are a bunch of visuals that still need to be illustrated if anyone is interested in contributing :)

I made a one-page comic!

In Berd Blows Up, our main character Berd demonstrates how one goes about becoming a big-time artist. 

Meet Berd. 

Awhile ago I fell off the Unwork Experiment bandwagon but I’m trying to get back on it with this awkward pigeon (which happens to be the theme of the current challenge) !

Don’t ask me what I was thinking when I came up with this. Um.

Unwork Society

Working on a new character

Does anyone have a spare Dribbble invite..?

Trying some new things in terms of style so I drew this gangster robot raptor in Brooklyn. Lots of kinks to work out but I guess this is a small step towards actually drawing characters in full backgrounds.

(I secretly really want to make graphic novels.)