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Working on the main character for a new short story project! I’m still playing around with the colors and details, but overall I think I like the design of this ‘lil robot

I’ve seen the future and it’s full of cat robots.

Hi Tumblrrrr, I’m back home in New York today after a week-long vacation in Brazil!

Pleasantly surprised to find that the eBook app I worked on a few months ago has gone live in the app store today. I worked with another artist, Alice Yuen, to illustrate all the background art in this Sparky app for the National Fire Protection Association. Alice did the layout sketches while I did the final line art, and we both worked on color for all 22 pages.

The app was built and published by Cupcake Digital. Many thanks to art director Dan Shultz from MDR!

Check it out on iTunes if you’re into children’s books about fire safety and whatnot :) 

Sketchies by the water

Home studio space

Elegant Part, IX: Mechanics of Change

Inspired by the common chameleon.

The Elegant Parts Series

Elegant Parts VIII and IX

3 Eggplants, 1 Berd

hi debbie. really like your elegant parts drawings. great idea!

Asked by ianc2674

Thanks! Gonna be putting them together into a little book soon :)

The daily toil

Character stuff!

Drew some cave props for this Caveman animation collab on hitRECord: "Caveman" Cold Open

There are a bunch of visuals that still need to be illustrated if anyone is interested in contributing :)

I made a one-page comic!

In Berd Blows Up, our main character Berd demonstrates how one goes about becoming a big-time artist. 

Meet Berd. 

Awhile ago I fell off the Unwork Experiment bandwagon but I’m trying to get back on it with this awkward pigeon (which happens to be the theme of the current challenge) !

Don’t ask me what I was thinking when I came up with this. Um.

Unwork Society