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debbie fong draws


Since the first London Series set of prints was sold last week, I printed off two more sets today. :)

London Series Prints

Fyi shipping costs to the UK will unfortunately be more expensive once I return to the US. Any orders received by Friday will still have £1.00 shipping.

One morning I decided to do some blind contour drawings on the bus. I tried to quickly draw something I saw out the window every time the bus stopped. Blind contours are fun because it’s always a surprise when you finally look down to see what you’ve drawn - they’re hilariously bad but also really interesting, I think. 

Anyway, here’s the page of my moleskine from that morning.

Yayyyy second half. :D

I have leftover paper and stuff to make a few extra copies if anyone would like to buy one? The materials were kind of expensive though and I have to hand-cut the pages and bind them so it might have to be a bit pricey.. I’m thinking like £15? Email/message me if you’re interested. :)

It’s alive, it’s alive!!! :D

Click through to see its insides.

(This is the first half.)

London Series #4 - The Globe Theatre

Thanks for all the feedback on my last post! Looks like I’ll have to do so more work on water-drawing in the future for sure. Not sure if I have time to re-do the water on this book since the whole thing needs to be printed and bound by Thursday and I still need to finish designing the spreads. 

I’m really excited about this project. =] We were given the assignment to design a concept book inspired by London and I decided to make a children’s book using the London illustrations I’ve been doing. I’m no writer though so I was lucky enough to enlist the help of one of my friends who happens to be an english major… The story even rhymes now. So awesome. This is just the cover for now - I’ll definitely post up pictures of the rest of the book soon, still working with the type / images. 

Also I know I need to re-draw the water since it apparently doesn’t come across as water to anyone other than me, haha. :P

London Series #2 - St. Paul’s Cathedral

I think I’ll probably work on it a bit more, but wanted to post this for now. 

London Series #1 - Big Ben