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debbie fong draws


Time to start decorating…

Drew this for my friend Jenn, who has an undeniable love for trees and bunnies. 

(That blob thing is a carrot growing on a branch.)

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of drawings the past few days.. It’s been kind of an off week. Here’s something new though. I picked up this old book at a market last Sunday, it’s actually a play by George Bernard Shaw. Must admit I bought it to draw in and not to read.. (please don’t hate me for defacing literature?)

I’ve already drawn way too many things that could be titled “Tree House”… but I just can’t stop. 

Edit: Like this, this, this

Found the scanner at my school in London today! I can post some newer drawings! ..woo! 

I did this a few months ago, when I first started playing around with this type of drawing style. I think I’ve actually improved a bit since then as I’ve been working on using my messy scribbling more effectively (I hope). :P

Feel like this blog needs some color so here’s something digital for a change of pace. This was originally a pen drawing that I scanned in and vectorized before adding textures and things.